Misión de rescate 2

Misión de rescate 2 (2023-06-09)

Acción | Suspense |

  • Status: Released
  • Runtime: 123m
  • Popularity: 103.864
  • Language: en
  • Budget: $65,000,000
  • Revenue: $0
  • Vote Average: 7.476
  • Vote Count: 1954

  • The Movie Mob

    <b>Extraction 2 clearly learned some lessons from its predecessor and cranked things up to eleven, making a top-shelf action film that has me demanding more!</b> Yes! YESsssss!!! This is what 80s action movies dreamt of being decades ago. Commando walked so Extraction 2 could soar!  The action, gunplay, grittiness, and thin plotted-ness of this movie scream 80s classic but the production quality, stub work, and cinematography are at a whole other level. The prison break sequence with the 21-minute one-shot camera move is jaw-dropping and one of the most remarkable action set pieces I have ever seen. The first Extraction was a decent movie, but Extraction 2 simplified its story and maximized what made the first one successful: the brutal action. Like the later John Wick films, Extraction 2 doubles down on being a top-notch action film, not a drama with gunplay. There is hardly any story, and the scenes that do attempt to add a little character development feel generic and bland. But thankfully, those scenes are few and far between. This movie feels like The Expendables, except with one guy, fewer jokes, and even better fight choreography! If you are a fan of explosions, combat, and scattered brain matter, look no further than Extraction 2.

  • Manuel São Bento

    FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://thatshelf.com/extraction-2-review-an-impressive-action-showcase/ "Extraction 2 is indeed impressive action-wise. The 21-minute oner (!) should be observed and studied as a brilliant example of how to blend stunt work, cinematography, editing, VFX, and performances - Chris Hemsworth has what it takes to become an action superstar. If only the same care was given to the generic story and the forgettable characters... Basically, this sequel holds precisely the same attributes and issues as the original, only with bigger action moments. Those who enjoyed the first will undoubtedly enjoy this sequel and every other that will inevitably be released." Rating: B

  • MovieGuys

    Thankfully Extraction 2 sticks to the action script. Aside from a little of the usual woke feminist fantasy nonsense, Extraction 2 offers unrelenting, expansive action, after an initial, slow start. This will never be a great movie but its fun, with lots of well choreographed fight scenes, gun play and more besides. The back story is basic but serviceable and the acting from the cast is competent. In summary, this is, for the most part, what a action flick should be, diverting, thrilling and of course, fun.

  • Trevor Morris

    This is the follow-up to the unexpected Netflix hit from 2020. Chris Hemsworth is back as the fearless mercenary, with more frantic-paced and spectacular action sequences. Director Sam Hargrave returns for the sequel. The former stunt coordinator – similar to how Chad Stahelski progressed to the director's role for the John Wick series – increases the action another notch compared to the first movie. The highlight is a 21-minute "long take". It has impressive choreography to make it look chaotic but it must have been very well organised, with the number of people and different weapons used throughout. There is close-quarters hand-to-hand combat, a sprawling prison-yard brawl, a decent car chase with multiple different vehicles and big crashes, and finally a sequence on a fast-moving cargo train, with helicopters and more confined fighting. Each segment would be good as a standalone action set-piece, but this is stitched together to form a high-octane breathless non-stop survival and escape sequence. The movie boasts high production values and a storyline that humanises a lot of the characters – something a lot of "dumb" action movies ignore. Nothing quite compares to the first act. There is a rather clinical street shoot-out which is the least creative but does get interesting when they're stuck inside the building. The intimate face-off at the end goes against the grain of a typical action movie structure and provides a decent conclusion. It's a fun movie to enjoy, with impressive and inventive sequences. If you like action movies, you'll love this. I am looking forward to what they can achieve in a third movie.

  • Dean

    Good action movie. First one was good and this one doesn't disappoint either. Just one thing - Georgia isn't as bad as it seems in the movie. No gangs, organized crime, mafia or something like that. That part in movie is clearly fictional if not exaggerated and in fact, Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world.